Set: 3x Good Feeling Power® [30g]

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Forget about conventional nutritional supplements.

In the long run, only Good Feeling Power® will do the trick!

This unique nutritional supplement will enthuse and thrill you: it is obtained from the tinder fungus mushroom and can do much more than can be put into words.

Good Feeling Power® is the perfect symbiosis of pure nature and cutting-edge science.

Good Feeling Power® has been manufactured exclusively in Germany for more than a decade. Its production requires considerable expertise and is subject to the highest quality standards – because we care about your health.

Good Feeling Power® is the core product of the owner-managed family company Good Feeling Products and has been very popular with users since its market launch in 2008. Numerous therapists also rely on Good Feeling Power®.

Recommended by fitness and health experts!

Good Feeling Power® has an extremely high fibre content of 76%. For comparison, vegetables contain 9% fibre, and dark bread, 6%.

Are you ready for the ultimate upgrade?

Trust the market leader.

Who is Good Feeling Power® for?

Good Feeling Power® is just the right thing for anyone who thinks they are worth it and who believes in the importance of a high quality of life.

Take 3–5 tsp of Good Feeling Power® daily. It is completely tasteless and can be easily integrated in your everyday life. Put the Good Feeling Power® in a glass (150 to 200 ml) of still water or another drink of your choice, for example in juice, tea, a smoothie or coffee (Good Feeling Coffee), stir well and drink.

Good Feeling Power® is thermally stable and can also be used for baking.


Due to technical reasons, the filling quantity is always 30 grams.

Store protected from light and moisture. Do not use the product once expired.

Nutritional supplements are not intended to replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In contrast to conventional tinder fungus powder, the Good Feeling Power® is not soluble in water. However, it can be easily cooked and baked because it is chemically and thermally stable. It is also resistant to acids, above all gastric acid.

This is how you can tell you have original Good Feeling Power®: in water, it will sink relatively quickly and harmoniously. This indicates the high quality of the original product.

Beware of copy products: scientists have found that mushroom products that "float" for a prolonged period can be an indication of serious contamination and dangerous spores.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.

Keep out of the reach of small children!

Tinder Fungus Powder