Enjoy Aging Night Cream [50 ml]


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Enjoy Aging Night Cream – the luxurious night cream that people notice.

  • The power of nature against modern stress factors
  • Tight and smooth skin thanks to nightly regeneration
  • Developed by experts

The special formula with soothing bisabolol, jojoba oil, panthenol, vitamin E and other ingredients in combination with the unique GFP-Complex® results in a particularly rich and intensely nourishing night cream.

The Enjoy Aging Night Cream was specially developed for mature skin and helps reduce signs of aging overnight. Nourishing and effective regenerative aids penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers overnight and provide it with precious ingredients. 

Get a good night’s beauty sleep and feel young and fresh in the morning!

Use the Night Cream daily – ideally in the evening after cleaning your face with the Good Feeling Facial Cleanser and Enjoy Aging Facial Cleansing Milk.

Apply the Enjoy Aging Night Cream by gently massaging it into your skin. Your skin will absorb the cream in no time. This evening ritual lets you end the day in a luxurious manner and offers your skin a loving transition to a good night's sleep.

Tip: we recommend deep-cleansing the skin 3 times a week with our Good Feeling Scrub to successfully prepare it for the Enjoy Aging Night Cream.

Like all GFP products, our Enjoy Aging Night Cream is, of course, perfectly suited to every skin type.

Your skin care with the Enjoy Aging Night Cream will be perfectly complemented by the Enjoy Aging Day Cream or Enjoy Aging Deluxe Cream with gold.