Frequently Asked Questions

GFP Products

The unique special feature of Good Feeling Products is the GFP Complex. All Good Feeling Products contain the active GFP-Komplex® from the medicinal mushroom “tinder fungus” (Fomes fomentarius). The GFP-Komplex® is ground and purified medicinal mushroom, tinder fungus: Its main components are 1.3/1.6-Beta-D-Glucan, Chitin and Melanin.

All products from Good Feeling Products use the unique GFP-Komplex®.

Good Feeling Power® is the GFP-Komplex® in its purest form: the unique composition of 1.3/1.6-Beta-D-Glucan, Chitin and Melanin.

Good Feeling Power® is gastric acid-resistant and insoluble in water.

No fillers are contained in Good Feeling Power®.

It is a product of the Cologne List: It was tested negatively for doping-related substances (anabolic steroids and stimulants) and if thus completely safe for athletes and top sportsmen and women in precautions against doping.

Take one teaspoon (1 g) of the Power powder in a glass of non-carbonated water (150-200 ml). The Good Feeling Power® slowly takes up the water completely in the glass. Optimum is water at room temperature, as with cold water, the Good Feeling Power® is slower in soaking up cold water. Stir the mixture before drinking. You can repeat this procedure 2 to 5 times a day. GFP recommends consumption of up to 5 g per day.

Yes, you can take Good Feeling Power®  if you suffer an allergy, even a fungal allergy.

Good Feeling Power® can be taken during all diets.

Many GFP customers have reported positive experiences after giving Good Feeling Power® to their animals.

The company logo of GFP is a very special figure, namely, a phoenix. The phoenix is a bird which in Egyptian and Greek mythology, first burns in order to be rise again from the ashes.

It is a symbol for something which is believed to be lost and which then unexpectedly returns in new shining splendor. This is the concept behind the figure of speech “like a phoenix from the ashes”.

With the revolutionary beauty concept from the inside and from the outside, GFP products restore beauty, agility and quality of life that many people believe has been lost. They shine forth in new brilliance and come to life again like the phoenix from the ashes.

This is what makes the phoenix absolutely the right logo for GFP.

It is the unique GFP-Komplex®  which makes GFP products so effective and so exceptional. In the products is such a high concentration that this can even be seen: The small dark-colored particles can be seen with the naked eye in most of the products, as is similarly already known in the case of the Good Feeling Power® – and is the GFP-Komplex® in pure form.

After applying the crèmes from Good Feeling Products it may be that some small particles of the GFP-Komplex® are still visible on the skin for a while, but these will disappear after the short time for their taking effect.

The GFP-Komplex® is a completely natural product and there is a high concentration of it in the crèmes so it may be are small differences in the appearance.

All products from Good Feeling Products are developed and produced in conformity with the highest standards of quality.

Some GFP products are filled into top-quality vacuum dispensers. These have a considerable advantage in that the entire contents can be recovered from the dispenser – without any residue or losses.

In customary pump dispensers the contents are pumped up from the bottom level via a tube. In the case of a vacuum dispenser there is a vacuum inside such that in use, the base level moves upward in adjustment to the remaining quantities. The product is thus pumped off from the top level.

It may happen in a vacuum dispenser that the mobile base level somehow gets stuck at the bottom and so no contents can be pumped out. But this problem is quickly remedies:

1. Open the bottom of the surrounding cladding and carefully press the vacuum floor upwards until the contents appear.

2. Shake the product so that the contents move towards the top cap.


If you need similar products on a monthly basis then you can make use of the Beauty Delivery Service from GFP. You are sure to find the right package, just take a look at GFP Special Offer Packages. Save additional shipping costs and maybe even more.

For the marketing of its products, GFP uses the system of “Direct Recommendation Marketing”, in other words, the products are recommended by GFP Consultants (Distributors) and thus sold on further. GFP products can be purchased as

End Customer via a GFP Consultant (Distributor). Just ask the person who introduced you to GFP products. This person may be a GFP Consultant or can tell a source of supply.

Preferential Customers purchase products directly from GFP at a discount price of approx. 30% less than that price paid by the end customer. You can become a Preferential Customer by registering with GFP as a Preferential Customer. There are no obligations on your part (further information and registration forms here).

GFP Consultants (Distributors) purchase products directly from GFP at approx. 30% discount prices compared to end customer prices. You have no obligations. You have the possibility of receiving commission if you then successfully recommend the products to others. Please get in touch with the person who gave you this recommendation or speak to the Service Team at Good Feeling Products (further information and registrations here).

If you order regularly and use the Beauty Delivery Service  then you will receive the products in three out of four Beauty Packages cheaper as well as saving on the shipping costs. All information on the Beauty Delivery Service can be found on the pages of the  Beauty Delivery Service boxes:

Daily Power Box

Daily Power Box +

Basic Skin Care Box

Beautiful Life Box


As Preferential Customer or GFP Consultant (Distributor) you can order directly from GFP  by quoting your personal customer number

Fax: +49 (0) 21 31 – 51 29 90 – 299

Phone/WhatsApp: +49 (0) 21 31 – 51 29 90 – 0

Post: Good Feeling Products

Postfach 210243

DE-41428 Neuss

Contact us via our contact page.

Yes. Invoice and delivery note are sent out with your consignment. The invoice is inside the parcel. If you have given us your e-mail address then we will also send you the invoice per e-mail as pdf after receipt of your order.

Cash/EC Card: If you collect the ordered products in the company subsidiary in Neuss or in Cala Millor / Spain / Mallorca in person.

Credit Card (Mastercard / Visa)

PayPal (instructions on payment via Paypal)

Bank transfer in advance

Bank Account: Commerzbank AG,

IBAN: DE24300400000200075000,


If receipt of payment has been confirmed by 1 p.m. on a work day your order will be sent out on the same day. For payments received which are not confirmed until after 1 p.m. on a work day, we will dispatch your order the following day.

You will receive a confirmation of order per e-mail as soon as your order has been processed and dispatched.

Germany: DHL

Other European countries: UPS

Worldwide dispatch: individual rates on request (contact us for details)

You will receive a confirmation of order per e-mail as soon as your order has been processed and dispatched. Your order should reach you within the next 5 work days.

If you have not received your order after 5 work days please check if for some reason the package was not able to be delivered  (for example if the delivery service did not find anyone at home) and has perhaps left it for collection at one of its local collection stations.

If this is not the case then please get in touch with the GFP Service Team. Make contact now.

Phone/WhatsApp: +49 (0) 21 31 – 51 29 90 – 0

With the minimum order value GFP wishes to prevent detrimental environmental load through inefficient delivery services for example, by packages which are not completely full.

GFP has therefore specified a minimum size package for orders so that these can be packed with space-saving and sent out efficiently. This is sustainable and relieves the environment of excess.

GFP Distributor

Information about our events and a calendar of special events with all the seminar dates can be found here on our website GFP Events Calendar and on our Facebook page.

Do you use GFP Products? Are you often asked by friends and acquaintances about the positive changes they see in you? Are you enthusiastic about the products and want to recommend them to others as GFP Consultant (Distributor)? Then here is how:

Fill out the approval form  (Find registration form)

Return it to GFP!

Include first order on the registration form  (minimum order value €140.00  plus VAT, minimum order value for regular orders  €100.00  plus VAT)

On the form please state the name of your GFP Consultant (Distributor) or the Preferential Customer who recommended GFP products to you


Order GFP products 30% cheaper than end customer price

Free product selection

No registration fee

No obligations

After receipt of your registration form by GFP you will receive confirmation per e-mail or per post with your personal Customer Number. All information and registration forms are here.

At GFP there are two sources of income.

The trading margin between purchase price for Distributors and the sales price to the end customer.

The commission on sales from the customer network which is regulated in the remuneration plan in which the basis for the calculation of commissions and preferments in the GFP remuneration plan are the volumes.

In order to work with diverse currencies and rates of sales tax (VAT) worldwide, GFP needs its own units of measurement: These are “volumes”. Volumes are the basis for the calculation of commissions and preferments in the remuneration plan.

All products are allocated a volume value (specified in the price list for distributors). Your personal volume values are calculated on the basis of these product-specific volumes from your personal product purchases and those of your partners. There are three different volumes:

OV = “Orga-Volumes”: Always when you or a preferential customer in your network purchases products from GFP, these volumes are added together as the “OV” = Orga-Volumes. The level of OV is significant for the steps of development set forth in the remuneration plan.

PV = Personal Volumes: Volumes arising from personal sales turnover. In other words everything that you order per e-mail, phone, fax or in person via your Partner ID at Good Feeling Products.

GV = Group volumes: Volumes arising from confirmed sales from personally recommended preferential customers. These include all Distributors who were registered as a result of your recommendation but who have not yet achieved the status “Advisor”. In addition, the preferential customers of your preferential customers and their preferential customers are counted at all levels to your GV up until the next Advisor in the chain.

The amount you can earn is dependent on you alone, on how much time and effort you are prepared to invest in your business and what you can do. This is your new own business enterprise, your entry to independence and with all the strings in your hand. You can achieve all the goals that you have set yourself. Your earnings are dependent on your own targets. The higher the turnover of products, the bigger your network, thus the more profit and bonus payments you can receive.

The level of Bonus Payments from sales of your network partners are calculated on the basis of “Orga-Volumes” which you attain per calendar month. On the basis of Orga-Volumes we calculate the development stage in the GFP Remuneration Plan which determines the percentage rate of commission. The precise regulations can be seen in the “GFP Remuneration” chart.

“Selling” should not be interpreted as an unfair method for own profit maximization. The foundation of your business shall only be the sales of products of which you yourself are convinced. And of course with fair methods. Sales shall provide benefits not only for you but also predominantly for your customers. This is the motto for every business transaction if this is to have a future.

When you begin at GFP as Consultant (Distributor) then first of all you begin as a “Preferential Customer”. Advisors, Team Leaders, Branch Managers and Managers are all diverse and consequential steps in the development in our career or remuneration plan which is open to you.

The diverse stages of development are based on the Orga-Volumes (OV) attained within a calendar month by our Consultants (Distributors). The individual steps of development are remunerated at diverse rates of commission as regulated in the GFP Remuneration Plan. When you join GFP as a Preferential Customer then there is no commission payable in the first instance.

Advisor is deemed to be the partner who within one or two consecutive calendar months attains 390 OV. When the position of Advisor has been attained then there is entitlement to commission credit on volumes achieved.

Team Leader is the person who in one or two consecutive calendar months achieves 3900 OV.

Branch Manager is the person who in one or two consecutive calendar months attains 13,000 OV.

And Manager is the person who in one or two consecutive calendar months attains 23,000 OV.

As soon as you have reached the next level of development you then remain at this level. In other words, you do not fall back to the previous level if you achieve lower Orga-Volumes over the next few months. However, you only have entitlement to commission in the months in which you are active.

Qualification for “active status” begins with every new month. “Active“ is the person who recommends the products and within the calendar month attains at least 130 PV and the remaining sales turnover of up to 390 volumes in GV (and more). The recommending party must provide proof of activity for the respective calendar month in order to receive the commission credit arising from his/her network.

The amount of your bonus payment is calculated on the volumes attained for your product purchases achieved within one month. You will always receive your bonus payment on the 15th day of the following month.

Direct Recommendation Marketing

Marketing is a matter of trust

Whom do you trust more: Advertising or a good friend who recommends something to you and at the same time can show you the results?

Some people in fact claim that advertising is deceptive and that in the end the product is disappointing. When subjected to many thousands of impressions through advertising, eventually the advertising message is simply no longer perceived. For this reason, and for many other reasons, Good Feeling Products has decided on Direct Recommendation Marketing as its only form of marketing.

With this form of marketing you, the consumer, can only benefit.

You are buying a product which has already been tested positively from someone you know.

You get top quality products at a very good price, as no money is spent unnecessarily on logistics or intermediary agents and so more can be reinvested in product innovation.

You can be really happy that there are NO high amounts spent on advertising with expensive stars, on advertising agencies or on TV or radio advertising which would lead to higher product pricing.

You can trust the products because they are then only recommended to you by normal people who are themselves convinced of the benefits.

You can see the effects that the products have had on others before you try them out for yourself.

You always have at least one personal contact partner who has also had experience with the products instead of an expensive and frustrating “hotline” manned by people who know their texts but do not know the products.

Direct Recommendation Marketing is therefore the marketing form of the future. Only real quality and the very best service will have a chance in the future.

The income of GFP Distributors is generated exclusively from the successful recommending of products.

Looking good was never before as important as it is today.

Freelance consultants in the cosmetics industry are therefore definitely on the right track. They are always accompanied by a little glamour and lifestyle which contributes greatly to variety and excitement in life. People who help others to a better appearance and to more quality of life have loyal customers, a super image and can enjoy life free of care and to their satisfaction.

Special benefits here include:

You help others and in turn receive gratitude and recognition.

You are dealing with consumer products which are used every month and often automatically re-ordered and so for work you did once, you will earn money EVERY month – at some time you may no longer have to work at all.

Your customers are the best advertising for you. Through your customers, new customers and GFP Consultants join up. Whole customer networks simply develop almost by themselves. You have financial participation in these customer bases. (Some GFP Consultants (Distributors) have been able to experience the development of thousands of customer bases over only a few years and now lead a good life.)

You join without risk. There are no charges, no order obligations and no constraints. You determine the pace yourself with which you build up your own new business.

You determine your income through your own commitment, there are no upper limits.

You are supported on two sides. The company Good Feeling Products places at your disposal a sound training at self-cost price and for all your questions – you have a Contact Partner and you build up your own team and with this team you will grow!

You prefer to work alone? As a consultant you can earn good money.

You have a top image. Good Feeling Products does not want you to “exploit” your friends and family!   We place great value on a spotless positive image, and so at GFP we do not want these methods. The fact is that your environment will note your personal transformation and they will ask YOU, not the other way round.

For Customers

Personal and individual advice: GFP consultants (distributors) know the products well from their own experience and are well able to advise you individually, according to your needs.

Advice based on experience: GFP consultants (distributors) also use GFP Products themselves and recommend these products to others because they themselves are convinced of the benefits.

There are no obligations in terms of “open hours”: You can try out all the products in comfort at home, whenever and however you wish.

For GFP Consultants (Distributors)

Self-Determination: This is your business and you are your own boss

Extra income in addition to your main job

Extra income of partner in addition to main income

Personal freedom enabled through financial  independence

The opportunity to help others

Career and family united

Direct and personal contact to your customers

Positive awareness of life

Professional training and consultancy by GFP

Free personal time management

Working from home is possible

No obligations, you alone decide

It is easy to confuse these systems and GFP is aware of this. A little explanation here can soon shed light.

A recommendation is not always a real recommendation.

Do you wish to recommend a product which has convinced you entirely or do you want to find the next partner for a “get-rich-system” à la Multi-Level Marketing“, “Network Marketing” or whatever the names are for the many money-making systems on the market?

Systems in which the selling hierarchy and not the product itself is in focus are in danger of falling under the category of an illegal “snowball system”. Good Feeling Products wishes to distinguish itself quite clearly from such systems.

At GFP there are no premiums per head. You earn money exclusively from the sales turnover of products and NOT for the acquisition of new consultants.

GFP also does not have any hidden premiums per head because there are no charges involved in registrations as GFP Consultant (Distributor).

Sales are made only by persons who themselves have had positive experiences with the products.

At GFP it is not possible to buy into a “career step”.

Good Feeling Products is transparent. There are no “binary systems” or incentive earnings programs.

Good Feeling Products does not gag its consultants with car or house incentive programs, but leaves it to the individual distributor, as to what he wishes to spend his earnings on.

At GFP as well as the GFP Consultant (Distributor) there is also the “Preferential Customer”. This person buys at reduced prices but without building up an own network.

Even though an additional sources of income make some people greedy, at GFP the “trader margin” and commission from sales in the customer network are customary reputable business practice. In this way  Good Feeling Products secures for itself, its Preferential Customers, Distributors and Customers a stable and longstanding future.

Sustainability for the future is the primary objective. Each GFP Consultant (Distributor) has many real end customers who simply wish to be satisfied customers, and the system therefore remains stable. Systems which aim fort he acquisition of new distribution partners and work solely with people’s greed break down as soon as no new distribution partners can be found.

So: Good Feeling Products – Product – Enthusiasm – Success.

The principle is simple and highly effective:

You look good and you feel better.

People comment on your appearance and you share with them the secrets of your success.

The better you look, the more money you earn together with even greater respect from those around you.

GFP. Work that feels like pleasure.

Readiness to help which pays off.

Real quality of life and a secure future.